Zumba for God

How did you halftime check-in go last week?  If you missed the blog post, click HERE to read it.

As summer approaches, I realize that means that bathing suit weather is also.  Last week, I decided to head back to the gym and try a Zumba class.  During class I gave it my all!  I shook my hips, I did the salsa and attempted to do the body rolls.  But afterwards, my back started having spasms and I couldn’t pick anything up for 3 days!!

After drawing me a bath with Epson salts and essentials oils, Jake looks at me and says “You know you don’t have the body of a 25 year old anymore.”  Ummmm….thank you Mister Obvious.

See, Jake knows me very well.  Sometimes better than I know myself.  He knows I am competitive.  Hence, the predicament I was in was due to me trying to stay in rhythm with the ones who had been attending Zumba for months!  And it caused me severe pain.

And, our everyday lives are a lot like that especially with social media.  Each person trying to compete to show they have the best life possible when in actuality they are unhappy and in a lot of pain.

I have a tendency to do this.  For example, the position of the camera will not allow you to see the mess in the background.  I want to show how cute or happy things are but in reality my kitchen has dishes piled high in the sink and my counters are covered in crumbs and papers.  But I don’t want you to see that part of my life.  I don’t want God to see that part either.

Like with Facebook or Twitter, I only want God to see the good things in my life.  And if something bad arises, I want to put it out there just enough for Him to help fix that current situation.  But that’s not living in relationship with Him.  Nor, is it being true to my heart.

What I really desire is for God to come in and fix what’s truly going wrong in my life.  I want to have a relationship where I feel I can show Him the good, the bad and the ugly.  Striving for dependence on Him, allows me to lean into Him every day in every situation.

I know that He sees all so trying to hide certain situations from Him is pointless and prideful.  But that’s the worldly view of how it should be and we have to break the mold.

When we lean in on God, we begin to have His strength.  We cannot do it on our own.  We weren’t designed to be that way.  Just like me after my Zumba class.  I couldn’t pick anything up for days so I had to rely on Jake (or the kids if it was something small) to do that for me.  And, they did it with smiling faces because they wanted to help just like God wants to in our lives.

Our Heavenly Father wants us to embrace Him and His love for us.  If with no one else, let’s be real with Him because He already knows the truth.  And when we allow Him to come in deep into our hearts and heal the hurt and pain, we become more of who He created us to be.  We become happy.  And every parent wants to see their child happy and free.

My challenge for you is to go to Zumba this week and don’t compete with the others.  Ha!  Just kidding.  Well, unless you want to go take a class!!!  But it is to find some time with God.  Ask Him to go into an area of hurt and to heal it.  Lean into His arms as He brings you through the pain into a place of more contentment.

I can’t wait to hear what happens.  Please share!  You can comment below or contact me privately HERE.

As always know I’m praying for you.

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