With Unity

We would not be true to who we are if we did not take a moment to acknowledge our community and the pain and sadness we are going through.  Just over a week ago, our region mourned the loss of El Paso County, CO Deputy Micah Flick.  Revealing the heart of a hero, he intervened to save a life and lost his in the process.  We grieve for his wife, children and the rest of those who knew and loved him.  Tragedy reveals compassion in community.  The word itself is made up of two parts that mean “with unity.”  After seeing the response to loss, we say yes, with unity indeed.

Our city and our state have been in a state of sadness.  But we also witnessed God in the midst of this tragedy.

Several close friends of ours have been personally affected in the aftermath.  What we witnessed this week was a community coming together to help one another.  Love won because Jesus was acting in and through His people.

Mr. Rogers rightfully said “Look for the helpers.  You will always find someone helping.”  Wow, so true!  This past week as our friends were helping the grieving family, others came through to watch thier kids, clean houses, and go shopping for food.  They made meals for each other.  Basically, they took care of the day-to-day to help ease the burden.  They showed love as an action. Love on purpose.

All concerned added a piece of love – friends, family, co-workers…anyone that Jesus would call a neighbor.  People that have never met the family wanted to help in any little way they could.  This is community!!

On the day of the funeral procession, Colorado Springs decided it wanted to have a snow storm.  Some people thought this was a bad situation, but our community stepped up.  Workers went out and cleared the path of the procession so that they would have no problems driving on slick roads.  All branches of our local law enforcement, plus others from surrounding counties came to pay their respects.  And our neighbors, friends, and members of this town stood in freezing temps with snow falling down, to honor a man of our community as his physical body went to its final resting place.

As we remember community – “with unity” – it helps the grieving process to move forward when we see such love. That is the defining term here.  People serving the mourning family were of different backgrounds, beliefs and passions.  But, it made no difference in the moment.

As our our city and state begin to start a new normal, we begin it with love.  And that is tremendous.

What is one thing you can do this week to bless someone in your community?  It may be taking some food or treats to the local fire or police stations.  Or, it could be blessing an elderly neighbor with a meal.  No act of love is too small.  Let us know what you decide to do.

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