Why did you move?

Why did you move?

It is a frequent question asked when a person or family packs their life and moves half-way across the country.  And rightfully so!  Work related reasons are the most common answers.  Like Abraham, we moved from Georgia to Colorado with a calling from God.  The decision was easy to make, but the path was littered with challenges!

The reason we knew moving was the correct path was due to the orchestration of God.  We each were sensing it separately.  I was especially nervous when it came time to have a discussion about it.

This was not the first time I moved across the country at the urging of God.  There is a stark contrast in how God communicated His will for me to relocate.  The Georgia to Colorado had a few key points that were absent in the Missouri to Georgia move.

First, I was single with no deep connection to a person who was helping me to discern God’s will for my life.  Secondly, I had no compass for actually hearing God’s voice as the “still small whisper” that is spoken of in 1 Kings 19:11-13.  Upon discovering that my company was transferring a group to Atlanta, I made a decision that I would not be one of those.  I told anyone that would listen the list of reasons why I was staying in St. Louis.  What I completely missed was asking God.

Through a strange series of events over the next few weeks the word “Atlanta” kept finding its way into my daily routine.   I saw it displayed on signs and news stories.  And, somehow it even made appearances in casual conversations.  Then, the most peculiar thing happened.  Upon entering a local restaurant, I observed the only open seat at the bar and sat down.  The guy next to me turned and started a conversation about a convention his work sent him to last week.  He gushed about how great the city was and how the people were friendly and helpful.  On and on it went until he stopped mid-sentence and said to me, “If you ever get the chance, you ought to move to Atlanta.”

Oh my goodness, God.  Ok, you win.

And, if you like watching scoreboards it looks like this – God 1, Jake 0.

Later that night, a friend pulled me aside and told me that I had to relocate.  I knew that God was speaking to me through him.  As a result, this transition forever changed the trajectory of my life in a positive way.  The details make a great story of God’s will and favor.  However, the details of how God spoke to me are compared and contrasted with the move from Georgia to Colorado, the difference is obvious.

God’s preferred method is not through outside resources like billboards, newscasts, friends, or strangers (angels in disguise?).  It is through intimate, personal communication in our heart.  You have to choose to set time aside to cultivate and nurture it.  Only through intentional practice will it come to be normative.

The difference in the move from Georgia to Colorado was that I was married to Shannon.  So, we had each other to bounce ideas and thoughts, as well as fears and doubts.  We were a team working together to nurture our collective heart.  In addition, we also had a small group of friends that were able to challenge and encourage us.

Earlier I mentioned I was nervous about having this conversation about moving with Shannon.  The reason is she grew up at the beach.  She loves the beach.  I tried moving us to several coastal towns but for some reason or another it never panned out.  I’m sitting in my work truck, and God begins to speak to me.  He informs me that we are to move to Colorado.  In case you are unaware, it is a land-locked state.  Therefore, there is no beach anywhere near it.  Do you see why I was dreading this?

I was nervous at dinner.  Shannon finally asked what was going on with me.  I explained to her what I felt God was asking us to do.  After I finished speaking, she smiled.  Then, she said “Good, I applied for a job in Colorado Springs three days ago!”

Oh my goodness, God.  Ok, you win.  If we tally the score again, it now looks like this – God 2, Jake 0.

Now when people ask “Why did you move?” we have quite the story to tell.  We tell God’s story about how it looks to journey with Him.  I don’t believe you have to move across the country multiple times to walk beside Him.  It is more about making a daily effort to nurture your relationship with our Heavenly Father.

What are you doing now to strengthen your relationship with God?  How can we help encourage you?  We love to hear from you!  So please comment below or contact us HERE.

Have a great week!

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