Welcome 2016

As 2015 comes to a close I like to look back over the year.  Each year our family has a word theme that comes from lots of prayer and God revealing it to us through various ways.  I love that each year it builds from the previous year. This past year our word was “passion”.  Jake and I have worked hard to live through passion and to give life to our God given talents/passion.

To me our kids have been extremely helpful in ensuring this success.  They both have a passion for life that I pray doesn’t cease.  It is a great reminder to live each day to its fullest.  They also love with everything they have.  Our daughter, Carson, has a nurturing heart.  She cares for her younger brother as if he was her child instead of her sibling.  She loves to take care of her baby dolls and makes sure they are experiencing the joys of life that she does.  If there are deer outside the window, she makes sure her baby has a chance to see and delight in them the same way she does.  And then there is our son Colton.  He makes active seem insufficient to describe him.  But he takes so much joy in people.  He has a laugh that is contagious and people are drawn to him even though he’s only 17 months old.  He wants to experience life and has no fear!  They both live with un-abandoned passion.  What a huge lesson for all of us!

So how did Jake and I do?  Well I believe we did great!  We both learned what we were truly passionate about and went after it.  We learned to recognize our gifts and to take a step forward in fine-tuning them.  For example, most people know I love to talk…as in I don’t ever stop! J  I also can be a little “CDO” (yes that’s OCD with the letters in the proper order!) and have a heart for encouraging and helping others.  Well in March, the coordinator position for my MOPS group opened up.  I knew this was a job I wanted but had planned on staying on the leadership team for a couple more years and then see if being Coordinator would be a good fit for me.  But, when I received the email about the open position something stirred in my heart.  I didn’t know what it was so I talked to Jake.  We realized that God was telling me the time was now and not in a couple of years.  So I did it!  And I have loved every bit of it.  It takes everything that I’m passionate about and allows me to use my gifts!  I get to speak in front of 70 women a couple times a month.  I help encourage these moms or at least let them know they have someone that will listen to them.  And then there is the planning…boy, is there a lot of planning!!  But it’s great.  I love this ministry and that as a mom of two little ones I can still serve others.  It truly has blessed my life in so many ways!

Now don’t get me wrong, 2015 wasn’t “perfect.”  We did have some down moments.  We went through a remodel of our kitchen that had several problems (2 floods, a leak, and a timeline that lasted longer than 3 times the expected timeframe).  We also had some big learning lessons.  We had to cut ties with people that were holding us back, creating negativity and drama and were not good for us.  Relationships are hard and when you lose one, it is difficult.  But by doing that you are also given a sense of freedom to be more of yourself.  You can be more of who God designed you to be!

So speaking of that, we have some news!  Jake has always loved to write.  His love language is “words of affirmation” and he is constantly writing me love notes and leaving them for me to find.  With his love of writing, my love for speaking and our love for encouraging people to be their best we have decided to start our own company called Kingdom Trailhead.  This is the culmination point for our year!  This will allow us both to do what we are passionate about and eventually be our full time jobs.  Kingdom Trailhead will be reaching out to people to help them reconnect to their heart.  Through this they will recognize their own talents and gifts and begin to use them.  This will allow each person to live life with passion, joy, gratitude and love.  How amazing is that?!?!?  We are super stoked about this and will have more details coming soon!  We would love for you to be prayer over this with us.

So as we say goodbye to 2015, we excitedly welcome 2016 and the year of Gratitude!



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