We Don’t Have to Agree to Be United

Picture this: Sunday afternoon.  Kids napping.  And Jake and I get hungry for a little snack.  I would pick ice cream, candy, or anything chocolate.  Yes, I love sweets!!  Jake, on the other hand, would pick chips and salsa or a handful of baby carrots.  Very rarely would he ever pick to eat anything sweet.  We are definitely aren’t on the same page with this.  But, we don’t have to agree to be united.

On an October afternoon on the beach in North Carolina in 2010, Jake and I stood before God “I do”.  At that moment, we no longer were two separate people but became united.  Genesis 2:24 says “… a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one.”  But just because we became joined as one doesn’t mean we give up our identity.

I am still Shannon.  I have my passions which differ from Jake’s at times.  And it is more than just for my love of all things sweet! J I love being social and thrive on being in a large group.  My husband, however, would rather be alone, hiking with nothing else but his music.

Although we have our differences, there are many things we have in common.  First off, our love of Jesus Christ.  We believe to our core He is the center of our relationship.  And, we have two of the most adorable children.  We love to be in nature (although I don’t want to get dirty, see bugs or lay on the ground in a tent).

Our commonalities outweigh our differences.  But there are times when all we see are the qualities or attributes that make us separated.  This is spiritual warfare at its finest.  Ugh, I despise warfare.  I can watch a movie that has war in it and understand it.  But with spiritual attacks they are unseen.  They come in the dark of night.  They interrupt my sleep which is minimal anyway due to being the mother of two toddlers.  Oh, spiritual warfare you are of the enemy.

So how do we stay united when we have difference?  Or worse, when Satan amplifies those differences to try and separate us?  Well, I wish I had an easy answer for you but I don’t.  I think it is important to focus on what made us fall in love with our spouse and want to commit to forever with him or her.  Or, if it is a friend what qualities does he or she possess that you admire.  Looking at the positives instead of the negatives allows us to stay united.

The news is full of tons of people disagreeing with each other especially over politics.  I have experienced friends who are no longer speaking to people, even family, over this.  Maybe that’s you.  If it is, please realize that we have an enemy trying to separate us.  Let’s take a deep breath, a look at these people with a positive lens of love.

Remember, we don’t have to agree to be united.

I am praying for each of you this week.  Think about your current relationships in your kingdom.  If there are any that have stress due to disagreements, please pray over them.  Ask Jesus to come in and remind you of all the qualities you love.  Also, pray to banish the enemy from your life and especially these relationships.

Have a blessed week!

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