We Are Created for Community

We hope you are enjoying our community posts!  Last week we talked about community being messy.  Today, we discuss a phrase that is often said at our house.  “We are created for community.”
Your tribe, or community, is designed to help all involved find a place of thriving within life.  The goal is to bring each individual, couple and family back to God through our ups and downs.  These people are your biggest prayer warriors.  During times of strife, they remind you of God’s faithfulness.  In good times, this group is next to you showing gratitude.  Your tribe sees you in the good, bad and ugly of life and do not judge rather bring life to you.
But, what do we do when community crashes?  Or if we feel isolated without this type of group?
First, an important point to remember is true and authentic community is difficult to find.  And, it is even more difficult to disband when it is not bringing the life we seek.  A community of multiple families is like a small church.  It is difficult to have a group of people who all truly like each other and feel comfortable sharing openly from the heart.  The more families the group contains, the more complicated the dynamics seem to get.
At some point, you may feel that the group has run its course.  People are either not committed to the group, or the relationships within are not bonded with complete trust by all.  When this happens, the extremely difficult decision to disband may be in order.  This still preserves the relationships inside but also takes everyone’s heart into consideration.
If you have to make the choice to go separate ways, it is important you allow the mourning process to occur.  This group has been a intricate part of your life for months or possibly years.  Walking away and pretending like they did not play a role in your life, is detrimental.  It would be easy to make a vow that relationships are too difficult and therefore back away from all.  It is imperative that you do not!  Again, we are created for community.
We can guard our heart in appropriate ways without closing ourselves off to any possibilities of relationship.  This is where trust plays a huge role!  Once we trust someone, we can let our guard down.  Wisdom can teach us who to trust, and to what extent.
We are created for community.  (See, we told you we say it all the time in our house!)  God put that desire in our heart and will guide us to the right group for the season, or seasons, we need.  Sometimes we do not get to see the big picture of what this tribe looks like.  God will let us know our next step on His path and we have to trust Him that when it is time, He will show us our next step.  Until then, we show patience and listen to what He says to us.
Praying for each of you as you read this.  We love our community here at Kingdom Trailhead.  We are here if you need us.  Comment below or send us a message!
~Jake and Shannon

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