The Synergy of Calling

The last couple of weeks we have been talking about personality.  If you haven’t read the posts yet, you can click HERE and HERE.  But what we want to talk to you today is about your calling.  This is deeper than just your temperament.

Webster defines calling as “a strong inner impulse toward a particular course of action especially when accompanied by conviction of divine influence.”

God created you on purpose for a specific purpose.  There has never been anyone just like you.  Even identical twins are very different in many ways.  Ephesians 2:10 says that we were created by God to do good works that He had in mind before we were born.

When we have more intimacy with God, we begin to shed the layers that are untrue and don’t feel right about who we are.  Hence, the foundation of our personality is unveiled and we are closer to discovering our calling.

As we spend time with God, we begin to learn what our true calling may be.  When we contemplate historical patterns in our life we will often observe some common cords.  For example, you may want to be a chef and that doesn’t work out.  Then you decide to try being an event planner and for whatever reason that vocation isn’t right.  Finally, you may get a job as an interior designer in which you succeed.  All of these professions take your creativity and use it which is your true calling.  Your occupation is merely a channel whereby you can offer your calling to the world.  When you are using your creativity, as in the example, you find fulfillment.  Philippians 4:13 says that God’s work is for our desires and natural ability coexist to produce His desired result.

One way to describe this process is dialing in your calling.  You take a large desire and narrow it down through a process of trial and error until you have a specific niche.  When you offer your strength in this manner you will notice something special take place.


Synergy is the sweet spot when your focused efforts are concentrated in the place where you were created to offer and then God shows up and multiplies the end result into something that you could not have done on your own.

It can be described as the sum of being more than the parts that were included in the effort.  When we put in our part and God puts in His part, there is no doubt that He deserves the credit and glory.  We were designed to be partners with God in a creative process.  For example, we could be an artist and use our creativity to be an architect.  Or, we could work in Human Resources because we relate well with people.  A stay-at-home mom facilitates a home to its peak efficiency.  In all of these ways we are uniting with God to further a cause that is close to the heart of Him.  Isaiah 61 speaks of Christians as being “Oaks of righteousness” and a “display of His splendor.”

We hope that this has been enlightening and encouraging to you.  We love to hear how this has touched your life.

As always, have a great week!
~Shannon and Jake

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