The Relationship of Siblings

This week we will continue to discuss relationship.  Last week’s post on prioritizing relationships was a great one but let’s take one relationship and dive a little deeper.  Siblings!  Most of us have been given the honor of having a sister or brother.  Or, if you are an only child, I’m sure you can pick a person that was more like family then friend.

Siblings are wonderful.  I have a ton of them whereas Jake came from a smaller family.  Regardless there are dynamics that go along with sibling love and sibling rivalry.

The other day our kids were in the other room playing.  One minute they are getting along so well and all we hear is laughter.  Then, in an instant, they are screaming because some hit the other or would not share a toy.  Can you relate to his craziness that is our everyday life in this season?

The special bond you have with your sibling(s) is worth prioritizing.  Other people may understand your situation or even have one that is similar to you when it comes to family issues.  But, no one else knows exactly what it was like to grow up in your home.

For example, if you have a parent sick there are probably a lot of people in your circle that can relate to that situation.  Some of them may even be your closest friends.  I would suspect that as your sitting next to that parent,  your friend has heard your stories but it is your sister or brother that was there to experience them.  That’s a unique and special relationship.

Our children are twenty months apart in age.  The way their birthdays fall they are one grade level difference.  I am excited to watch them grow and make friends.  I pray daily that their relationship will only grow stronger and stronger as time goes on.  Of course I want them to have other friends but I hope they realize that no one else will understand what it was like to be in this house but each other.

I also can relate to those of you who have a toxic sibling.  This is a very difficult situation.  Trust me, I understand.  I believe no matter who the person is there must be boundaries that allow you to guard your heart.  And this includes family.  Regardless, that sibling will still understand a portion of your life that no one else does.  And just because there is space in your relationship does not diminish that bond.

I’d love to hear about your relationship with your siblings.  Are they your best friend?  How are you working on preserving that relationship?

Praying for a wonderful week full of joy for you!

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