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Our 2017 Year-End Wrap-Up

Wow!  What a year 2017 has been!  There have been many high moments, a handful of sad moments and lots of memories mixed in there.  So here is our 2017 year-end wrap-up!

Our theme for this year has been Simplicity.  In our first blog of the year we stated our goals for the year would be to declutter our home allowing more time with our loved ones, reduce unnecessary stress especially for those things out of our control, and finally to create a plan for our time instead of hoping we accomplish our life and family goals.

As we are about to embark on 2018, we want to take a moment to reflect on those goals.  We have decluttered so many areas in our room...

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Slow Cooker Spirituality

We live in a very fast-paced society which creates an atmosphere that is addictive and damaging to our soul.  Hence, our spirituality has paced this busyness to create impatience with the process.

The American culture teaches us to want everything immediately so we go for convenience over experience.   We choose fast food or even a microwave for one of our vital necessities.  Unfortunately, this also translates to our spiritual life.  It is imperative to unplug the microwave and replace it with a slow cooker.  Eugene Peterson wrote a book in 1980 called A Long Obedience in the Same Direction, and for the 20 year anniversary edition wrote this in the foreword:

“…as I set down to revise… I was prepared to do a lot of changing.  I have done hardly any...

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Simplify Your Time

Wow, can you believe this is already the last week of January?  Where has the time gone! We hope you have enjoyed this series of posts and have implemented some strategies to simplify your life.  It’s definitely a work in progress!

Last week we discussed how to de-stress your schedule, so if you missed it, click HERE.

Towards the end of that post, we mentioned making time for your priorities which is our focus this week.  Time blocking is a huge part of this.  You must be intentional to reach your professional and personal goals.  Furthermore, you must simplify your activities in order to add the important things to your schedule.

Our family loves January because it is a time to plan for the year...

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De-stress Your Schedule

Thank you for sticking with us to see how decluttering can actually help you rediscover your true heart.

This week we want to discuss all of the activities!!  Part of reducing stress is decluttering our homes – and our schedule.  Our calendars are either totally booked and can’t say yes to a spontaneous invite or so undefined that we can’t say no to a request that probably isn’t best for us.  Our day-to-day life  should be planned enough that we are accomplishing our goals, yet open enough that if something unplanned arises we can adjust for it.  We have to decide if the request fits into our values and whether to change our schedule for it.

“Part of reducing stress is decluttering our homes – and our schedule.”

As parents, spouses, friends, etc. we tend to want to be busy...

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Fall Brings Change

What a week it has been! For those that read our blog post from last week, have you seen God answering your prayers even if it wasn’t the way you expected?  If you missed last week’s post, check it out (www.kingdomtrailhead.com/prayers-answered-unexpectedly).  We would love to hear from you!

So our family is in that time of transition.  Fall activities have officially started back up and life seems to a little more crazy.  Well, if that’s really possible – ha! J  We are trying to figure out all these activities (school, Bible study, MOPS, etc.) and how are new “normal” life will be for the next few months.  Can anyone else relate?  And on top of that, Jake’s job situation is in a huge transition in itself...

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