Slow Cooker Spirituality

We live in a very fast-paced society which creates an atmosphere that is addictive and damaging to our soul.  Hence, our spirituality has paced this busyness to create impatience with the process.

The American culture teaches us to want everything immediately so we go for convenience over experience.   We choose fast food or even a microwave for one of our vital necessities.  Unfortunately, this also translates to our spiritual life.  It is imperative to unplug the microwave and replace it with a slow cooker.  Eugene Peterson wrote a book in 1980 called A Long Obedience in the Same Direction, and for the 20 year anniversary edition wrote this in the foreword:

“…as I set down to revise… I was prepared to do a lot of changing.  I have done hardly any.  It turns out there are some things that don’t change… So the book comes out in this new edition substantially as I first wrote it.”

What we need is NOT more information, but more application of the material we already have.  KISS is not just the name of a band, but an acronym for Keep It Super Simple.  Taking this approach to our spiritual life will help us remember the most important aspect of our relationship with God.

Love God and love others is the simplest and oftentimes the most difficult way to live in our calling.

Reading plans to complete the Bible in a year are plentiful and are very helpful to know the words of God.  The problem we run into is we do our daily routine of reading “a chapter a day to keep the devil away,” but we blow by the deep meaning of a single phrase that is important and how it can be applied in our life.  If we slow down enough to ponder the passage and ask God for clarity, a much greater understanding of what is meant and how it actually applies to us is more likely to come.

Our daughter attends preschool twice a week.  On the way to school we pray for our family and for our day.  As we end our prayer, we ask that Jesus prompt us throughout the day to bring our attention back to Him.  We know in our hearts He is with us, but we often times get too busy and forget.  So, these small reminders sporadically help bring our focus back to Him.

All relationships require work.  Most of them do not last because someone was not putting in as much effort as needed.  A more simplified spirituality will create more space to pour into relationships with those in our kingdom and our Heavenly Father.

We mentioned last week (click HERE if you missed it) how we bought an hourly calendar to use this year.  Wow, what an adjustment for us.  Now our schedule accounts for every hour in our day.  It is amazing how much more we accomplish in the day because we aren’t wasting time.  It allows both of us time with God, our kids, each other plus the other tasks we do each day.

Let us know how we can get help assist you in pulling the plug on the microwave and turn on your slow cooker!
~Shannon & Jake

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