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Wow, can you believe this is already the last week of January?  Where has the time gone! We hope you have enjoyed this series of posts and have implemented some strategies to simplify your life.  It’s definitely a work in progress!

Last week we discussed how to de-stress your schedule, so if you missed it, click HERE.

Towards the end of that post, we mentioned making time for your priorities which is our focus this week.  Time blocking is a huge part of this.  You must be intentional to reach your professional and personal goals.  Furthermore, you must simplify your activities in order to add the important things to your schedule.

Our family loves January because it is a time to plan for the year.  Most of all, purchasing a calendar and writing in all our appointments is exciting!  This year we chose hourly rather than one divided between morning, afternoon and evening.  As a result, our time on each project has been more intentional because there is a specific time allotted for each task.  Consequently, we have been more productive this month!

At the beginning of the year, Jake and I wrote our priorities out for our family, personally and Kingdom Trailhead.  using the SMART method.  It suggests our goals should be:


For example, “I will run a 5k by October 16, 2017” reflects everything above.  Through past experience, we know that if there isn’t a scheduled time to work on each goal a little each week (or month) it won’t happen.  Therefore, you must take it a step further and put a specific training plan into your calendar to ensure you accomplish it.

There is a great quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry that says “A goal without a plan is a wish.”  How true is that!?!?!

We must be intentional about what we consider a priority, which means scheduling time for your spouse, your kids and for yourself.  Put a concrete appointment on the calendar and keep it like you would a dentist appointment.

If you have to clean your house constantly or run kids to activities, you don’t have time for what you consider important.  Hence, we live as a servant to our schedule rather than following a time management system unable to keep our head above water.

In conclusion, our hope is you found one thing (a baby step) to propel you closer to the life you were called for (and want the most!).  We want you to find ways to have your heart come alive and sustain this passion.  We all get an occasional glimpse, but we want the life of abundance that Jesus has for us.

Please let us know what you thought of the series and if you have implemented any new strategies.  We love hearing for you!
~Shannon and Jake


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