As we shared with you last week, with the New Year comes a new theme for our family and that will be coming across in quite a few of our blog posts as well.  In case you missed the post, click HERE to catch up.

In 2016, we were tired of many things:
*Tired of clutter
*Tired of spending hours cleaning the same area each week (and seemingly not seeing any significant change)
*Tired of saying we wanted to do something significant and then not having the time to commit
*Tired of having to figure out what is for dinner every…single…day
*Tired of hoping our spouse would carry the weight of these tasks because it was overwhelming
*Tired of not making a firm and easy decision quickly and sticking to it
*Tired because we are parents to two amazing toddlers but still…parents

All of this “tired” had a negative impact on our lives because we could not give our best to ourselves, each other, our family, our friends…really anyone.  That’s not how Jesus describes an abundant life.  We want to give our best as much as possible, but when we are tired from all the mess and stress, we have little to nothing left in the tank.  This situation finds us striving in all of our relationships, but mostly our relationship with God.  We find that our heart is operating on empty and no part of our live is running smoothly.

This is not the way we were meant to live!  When our schedule is overbooked, the little time we have left at the end of the day is spent disengaging from the world and hoping bedtime will come ASAP.  What if we all had some extra time and energy at the end of the day?  What could you do with this newly redeemed free time and energy?  You will have time for the things that are most important to you instead of things that are bogging you down.  So over the next few weeks we will talk about a few key areas of your life to help simplify and give you freedom to be your best you.

This series of posts will discuss how we plan on simplifying our life in these areas:
*Declutter our home so we have more time to spend with the ones that fill it
*Reduce unnecessary stress caused by things within our control
*Create a plan for our time and then sticking to it rather than just hoping we accomplish our tasks which includes family and life goals

Please join us and engage in the conversation so we can all learn from each other on things that worked or didn’t work.  We are a tribe here and the world of simplifying will help all of us!!

Have a great week!
~Shannon and Jake


2 comments to Simplicity

  • Janice Olson  says:

    We all accumulate more than we need. I am trying to scale down to 850 sq ft. When we are done I will realize we don’t need a lot of STUFF! Except in the kitchen of course? If you haven’t used something in a year you most likely don’t need it. Gather all that STUFF you don’t use in one spot and call Habitat for Humanity or The Salvation Army- they come pick it up. You will be surprised at how much easier it is to get around and to clean. We learned a lot about simplifying our life, downsizing going from 3400 sq ft to 200 sq ft. Then back up to 1540 sq ft, then back down to 850. I would do it all again! You have a beautiful home, perfect for kids and as a gathering space for friends. Love you all 4 ?

  • Declutter Your Home Life - Kingdom Trailhead  says:

    […] Simplicity […]

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