Scatter the Darkness

Much of the world watched in awe this past Monday as the solar eclipse traversed across America.  This is only the second time since we have been alive that a total eclipse happened.  Even those that couldn’t watch it in person were streaming a live-feed as the moon passed over in front of the sun.  For a portion of the day the moon nearly completely blocked the sun.  Portions of our country went into total darkness, but eventually light won the day.

Our spiritual life runs parallel to this metaphor.  There are days where it seems darkness has overtaken light.  There is always a strong battle between the two.  Darkness is overwhelming when it is the main focus.  However, we must always remember that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  That light is Jesus.

In John chapter 8 Jesus says that He is the light of the world.  He goes on to say that if you walk in the light you will never walk in darkness.  He isn’t saying that there won’t be difficult times, rather when He is your focus you will be able to overcome them.  His light will scatter the darkness.

It is common to question God’s whereabouts in the difficult times.  There are times when it seems that He has forsaken us due to our circumstances appearing to be dark and painful.  But, there is a difference between how we feel, and what the truth is.  God will never leave or forsake you.

The darkest day this world has experienced, it is the day that Jesus was crucified.  There is a moment as He is hanging on the cross when He calls out to God.  Darkness had literally overtaken the land.  Some people believe in this moment that God abandoned His Son but in reality Jesus is quoting Psalm 22.  God was actually still with Jesus, just as He is always with you.

The poem Footsteps in the Sand sums it up beautifully:

“…I don’t understand why, when I needed You the most, You would leave me.”

He whispered, “My precious child, I love you and will never leave you
Never, ever, during your trials and testings.
When you saw only one set of footprints,
It was then that I carried you.”

When we are out our lowest, it is then that God is carrying us.  As we grow in our relationship with Him, the more clearer we see this.  And the more trust we have during those times.

We are praying for you this week.  We know it is a busy time of year with summer winding down and school, sports, and all the extra curricular activities beginning.  But, please take a moment each day to talk to your Heavenly Father.  Build that relationship a little stronger each day so when you feel you are in darkness His Light will lead the way.

Have a great week!
Shannon and Jake

2 comments to Scatter the Darkness

  • Dennis Olson  says:

    In the deepest darkest cave with no light, a tiny candle can overcome the entirety of the darkness. Imagine the brightness we can bring to the world if each of us would show God’s light!

  • Anne Peterson  says:

    I enjoyed your post. I agree that sometimes we are in times that seem dark, but as you said, Jesus is the light. I find that in pain, I see him more clearly.

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