Like a Roaring Lion

Watching a lion on a hunt is fascinating to me.  It is a majestic animal.  They are called “king of the jungle” for a reason.  Lions spend their days with little to fear as they snooze in the shade.  And, they raise their young to model their behavior and to develop and enhance their instincts.

The Bible says that other people are not our enemy, rather they are the evil angels in the unseen spiritual realm.  It also states that our enemy is like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.  When we look at the horrible events that took place in Las Vegas recently, we see pure evil.  How any person can perform acts like that while hiding away in safety?

It is pure evil.

There are a few extreme opposite beliefs out there in terms of spiritual evil.  One is denial and the other is obsession.  In the denial camp, one does not believe, or minimizes the effect of the kingdom of darkness.  It leaves us with a few options.  None are preferable.  You can exclusively blame other people for the problems of the world.

Or, you can blame God.

When you are living in the obsession camp, every problem in life, even a slight headache, is blamed on demons.  The problem with this is it does not address our own brokenness or the system of the world.

There is usually a balance to everything and this is certainly a good place to find it.  When we are on the trail with God, we begin to learn how to decipher when to take a Goody’s powder or when to pray against the pain.  We gain wisdom and insight in increments…hopefully always growing.

When on a hunt, a lion will crouch down in the tall grass, disguised by their coat of similar color.  They stay hidden away until their prey is within range for them to pounce and pursue.  Once they make the catch and take down their meal, they scour the surrounding territory for evidence of other predators.  This is the time when they roar.  They don’t do it until after they have made their kill.

This is similar to how the enemy works in our life.  Our enemy stays incognito until the opportune time.  Then comes the exposure and roaring.

There is, however, a way of preventing this.  Your integrity will keep you in safety.  Subtle attacks never cease.  However, you find freedom in Christ to say no to the temptations being thrust upon you.  The other part is having your tribe.  The people that breathe truth and light into your life and call you up to be the person God created you to be.

This week, we ask you to pray that God reveals what place you may be camped.  Ask your tribe where they see you being most attacked.  And pray for God to come in and show you clarity.  If you don’t have that tribe, or may not feel comfortable talking to them about it, send us a message and we will talk to you and pray for you.

Have a great week.

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