Resting for a Change

A couple weeks ago we talked about the change our family was going through.  If you didn’t get a chance to read that post, you can check it out here:

This is the week some of those changes began.  Jake started his new job which has been amazing, but with every new experience the brain power used during the day is done by the time you get home.  On top of that, our daughter hasn’t been feeling well.  She ended up in our Pikes Peakbed for two nights which means little sleep for Jake and me!  I am trying to recharge after several months of busyness.

As Jake and I approach our six year wedding anniversary this Sunday (the 16th), I have been thinking a lot about what our next year holds for us.  When I look back on the last year, we have had a lot of good times and a few challenges.  A year ago we had begun a kitchen remodel that was supposed to last no more than 8 weeks but took that many months including 3 floods of our house to finish.  We had several amazing trips as a family where we were able to be in awe of God’s creation first hand.  We had a couple of major job adjustments.  Most of all, we had another year together as a couple, as parents and as a family.

Now, I’m not going to say every day was amazing because we have our bad days.  But any day I get to spend with my other half and my children I find to be an honor.  I know some people don’t get to see their kids every day.  This is why I do treasure my time with those I love most.  Our family theme this year is “Gratitude” and we are trying to find something in every day that we are grateful for.  We decided to post these photos on Facebook to help hold ourselves accountable.  It has been a great challenge for us and I have enjoyed looking back over the album we created to be reminded of all we have.  And the majority of those pictures are not of material things but of times spent with loved ones.  Now, I will tell you I’m thankful for clean water, my house and indoor plumbing!!!  I don’t ever want to take those things for granted.  A few years ago I saw a meme circulating that said “If you woke up with everything you thanked God for the day before, what would you have?”  That really has stuck with me.

So as I look at year six of marriage, I hope that when we are approaching year seven I can look back and say we simplified our life so that we could truly enjoy each other.  I want my kids to know what true, authentic relationships are and I know that Jake and I are the ones that are the examples to them now.  In a year, I hope that we have shown our kids and our kingdom here what that looks like.

Have a great week friends.


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  • Dennis Olson  says:

    A good attitude and outlook will help in so many ways.

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