Reach out and Touch someone..

Have you ever had a friend that kept touching your arm while you were having a conversation?  This person may reach out and rub your arm or put their hand on your shoulder during your conversation.  Or this friend may hug a lot or even sit right next to you so that you have to be touching one another.

Touch The Love Language of Physical Touch for me, Shannon, is second to Acts of Service.  Interestingly, this is only true with Jake.  My secondary language with my friends is Quality Time.  But with my husband I need to be touching him all the time (OK, maybe just most of the time – ha!).  Even if we are both working on our computers on the couch, I like to be so close there is no space between us.  Maybe it is only our feet or our knees but at least there is contact.  At night, I like to hold his hand or place my hand on his back.  Even on those rare occasions where we aren’t getting along I have some part of me, like our feet, touching when we go to sleep.  It lets me feel his love and brings a sense of security and peace.

If this sounds like someone in your kingdom, do not be intimidated by their desire for constant contact.  It is the way your affection is felt.  Try to find ways to touch this person throughout the day.  A simple pat on the shoulder is one of the strongest ways for them feel connected with you.  If you this is not your primary love language it could seem trite, but the reality is that for those who speak Physical Touch it is important these “little” touches happen!

Throughout the week, think of ways you can affirm someone in your kingdom who speak the love language of Physical Touch and let us know!  We love hearing from you!!



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