People or Solitude?

I, Shannon, recently took one of those personality quizzes.  We’ve all seen or taken several of them.  This particular test concluded I am a fast-paced, people person.  If you know me, this probably doesn’t shock you one bit!!!  The challenge with this is that I am a prototypical multi-tasker…  Yes, that equals busyness.  I put off tasks because they aren’t as fun as going to Chick-fil-A for a playdate.  Can anyone else relate to me?

What I’ve learned is that my ability to multi-task and make decisions quickly are great qualities.  Unfortunately, I don’t plan my alone time very well.  I am a people person.  Social gatherings and talking to hundreds of people recharge me.  Jake, on the other hand, would much rather go hiking all day by himself.  He has also gone camping for a whole weekend in the middle of no-where with no cell service.  That’s a whole 48 hours of talking to no one.  That would be absolute TORTURE for me!!

I now realize when I don’t permit myself to stop and be still, I don’t allow time for deep conversations with God.  I try to fit in my talks with Him in between writing, playdates, phone calls, errands, etc. but they are short and don’t amount to much time.  My busyness is my priority above seeking intimacy with God.

Mark 3:15-15 (NIV) says “He appointed twelve that they might be with him and that he might send them out to preach and to have authority to drive out demons.”

I read that verse the other day and it stuck with me.  Jesus wants His apostles to be with him.  This is mentioned before it talks about doing anything.  He doesn’t want us to be so hectic we have to fit Him in our schedule, if at all, but rather make Him the priority.

I was doing minor fill-ups with my 15 minutes of praying here or there but never being completely filled.  That can be done for a short period of time, but to truly have abundant life you have to go from empty to full on a regular basis.  The way to do that is to sit and be still with our Heavenly Father and allow Him to fill us up.  Then we have enough spiritual energy to operate at with more efficiency during the day to offer our true strength to family and others.

Therefore, I have tried the last few mornings to wake up and give my first moments to Jesus.  I realize when we  connect on this deeper level, I can surrender my control of the day and my life over to the One that is truly in charge.  I believe it gives me more peace throughout the day as well because I people personstart my day “full”.

In order to have time to sit and not feel rushed, we should simplify our schedule.  After all, we want to be the person God created us to be and not what the world tells us to be.  Therefore, we must spend time with Him…alone.  It is important to make sure we are aligning ourselves with His Word and what it says about us.

My goal this week is to find a good chunk of time each day with Jesus and truly dive into His Truths about me.  I’d also like to invite you to join me and we can grow deeper in our relationships with Him.  He will fill our hearts to its fullest capacity.  And, as always, I’d love to hear from you on how it’s going.  And if you are struggling, let us know.  We would love to pray for you and support you any way we can!!

All the best,
Shannon & Jake


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