Our first Trailhead!

It’s 5:23AM. You’ve been sound asleep for approximately 4 hours after an out-of-town friend that you’ve not seen in years spends the night. You hear the little pitter-patter of tiny feet wandering around your bedroom. Brain comprehension is barely able to acknowledge the reality of your 3-year-old barely sleeping as well and wanting to snuggle and have some face-to-face time before the responsibilities of the day smack you in the face.

Your hesitation turns into a reluctant acceptance and after she crawls into the sheets and starts drinking her milk, your paradigm has shifted to embrace. You’ve heard that little voice of God in your heart that says “she needs your strength right now.”  Then you remember when she goes without quality time first thing in the morning, your day has almost certainly been given a stamp of difficulty!  So, your hand reaches out to gently stroke her hair as the clock reads 5:26AM. The day has begun with Quality Time for the both of you.

thPeople that speak this language want to spend one-on-one and face-to-face time.  Out of all the love languages this one can understandably be most time consuming.

This is one of our daughter’s primary love languages.  On the days she does not get to do this face-to-face even for 5 minutes, we can notice a difference in her demeanor and usually have to stop what we are doing and give her that quality time she so desperately craves.  During the week when Daddy goes to work, our daughter likes him to read her a few books before bed while she’s snuggled against him.  Her heart craves that closeness and special Daddy/Daughter time with him before bed because she’s missed that all day.  She needs quality time with each of us in the family throughout the day to fill her love bucket.

Are you one that craves undivided attention from someone?  Is there someone always asking you to do something with him or her that may be craving this attention from you?  In the technology filled world we live in now this can be difficult.  Once you make the decision to put down the phone, turn of the tablet and TV and intentionally spend that one-on-one time with someone that understands love in this way you will see a remarkable difference in their demeanor and can observe a more light-hearted person.

So let us challenge you this week to put down the phone, tablet and turn off the TV and receive or give that one-on-one time.  It will be good for both of your hearts!!!  Please keep us posted on your observations this week.  We would love your feedback!

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