Our 2017 Year-End Wrap-Up

Wow!  What a year 2017 has been!  There have been many high moments, a handful of sad moments and lots of memories mixed in there.  So here is our 2017 year-end wrap-up!

Our theme for this year has been Simplicity.  In our first blog of the year we stated our goals for the year would be to declutter our home allowing more time with our loved ones, reduce unnecessary stress especially for those things out of our control, and finally to create a plan for our time instead of hoping we accomplish our life and family goals.

As we are about to embark on 2018, we want to take a moment to reflect on those goals.  We have decluttered so many areas in our room.  What we learned from this is that it takes less time to clean!  There was one time a few months ago we told the kids to clean up their toys.  The living room was a complete mess and we were expecting friends.  They were downstairs in less than ten minutes claiming they had cleaned up everything and put it away.  Jake and I looked at each other and knew that could not be possible.  We went upstairs and guess what….the room was spotless!  We were shocked.  Obviously this is just one example and we have others.  But, when you can clean up this quickly it allows more fun to occur.  And, we can all use more of that!

I think our biggest challenge of the year has really been to let go of that unnecessary stress.  Or, maybe just me (Shannon).  I tend to be a person that people come to for advice and guidance.  This is one area I am super passionate about.  But, it can also lead me to take on the stress of others, which is not good.  Therefore, I have tried really hard to work on that.  It is still a work in progress!

Creating a plan for our time has also had some benefits.  We mentioned in a previous post that we bought an hourly calendar this year to allow us to time block.  This has made a huge difference.  We plan how our day looks and schedule each event for a specific time.  That has allowed us to accomplish more in a short amount of time.

In conclusion, I would say overall we met our goal of Simplification.  Honestly, the biggest benefit to simplifying our life was more time with our family and friends.  But, also more time to be with God.  Not just pray or throw in a quick devotional.  Not that those things are bad if that is the season you are in (we are just now getting out of that season!).  I have felt so close to Him this year as I have been able to dive deeper into a relationship with Him.  And I realized that in our sad/difficult times that has played a huge part in getting us through that situation.

Come back next week when we unveil our 2018 theme.  When we look back a year from now we can review our year-end theme results again!  We have prayed over it and feel for all that our family and Kingdom Trailhead has in store that it is just right!

If you walked through this Simplifying theme with us this year, please post below your results.  We would love to know.

Have a great week!
~Shannon & Jake

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