Oh my word! Next trail stop!

Well this week we will talk about Jake’s top love language – Words of Affirmation!  I, Shannon, tend to use words to provide information and do not always consider the emotional impact the wording and tone of voice may have on Jake.  Thankfully, we have learned how to better handle situations like this.  Jake has learned to ask me to rephrase what I just said which reminds me to tone down the bluntness. For me, Jake tends to so carefully dance around a difficult subject using such broad and apologetic phrases and tones until I finally hit my breaking point.  At that moment, I usually yell “JUST SAY IT!”  Not something I’m proud of doing.

Words of Affirmation minded people take every word to heart.  I grew up in a house where the saying “Do what I say not what I do” was basically our motto.  I watched the people around me act in ways that did not follow what they said.  So for me showing me you love me is more Wordsimportant that the words, as we discussed last week.  But Jake is very tenderhearted.  He is a creative person and tends to see the beauty in everything.  So when I say something those words go straight to his heart – both the good and the bad.

For the Words people in your kingdom it is important to watch what you say. Stop and think about what you are about to say before you say it.  Trust me, I know that is a hard thing to do!!!  But if you just say whatever comes into your mind, you could be hurting the heart of someone you care about and not even realize it.  To encourage this person, find qualities you admire and respect then vocalize it often.  Or, write them a note so they can have those sweet, kind, loving words to look back on when their day might not be going the best.

So here’s your weekly challenge: Think about who the Words of Affirmation people are in your kingdom.  Find a way to tell them how much you care for them and let us know how it went.  We love to hear from you!!

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