Off to School!

Well, today is a big day in the Fox household.  We are sending our precious, little girl out into the scary world of Pre-School!!!  After a year of homeschooling, our social butterfly was begging us to let her go to “big girl school”.  So after much prayer (and some anxiety on this mama’s part) we are letting her go twice a week for a full day to school.  Ok, cue tears here! Back to School Photo

What I failed to realize before about “big girl school” is what it took to prepare for it.  Let’s not even talk about school supplies!  I totally walked into Open House all confident that I was the good mom with all the school supplies already bought and ready to go.  Then the teacher asked me where her blanket and pillow were for rest time.  *face palm* I honestly did not even think about needing a pillow and blanket.  I mean it wasn’t on the school supplies list!!!

And then, let’s not forget about the snacks and lunches.  I seriously am overwhelmed by this!!  And the note in the packet that says to make it healthy?!?!  Hello, I just want my kid to eat!! If she wants chips that day then I don’t see a problem with that.  I mean she’s eating, right?  But we all know there are those moms that judge you that you packed a less than healthy lunch for your child.  And then there’s the Pinterst moms who send their kids to school with lunches that should be more works of art than actually eaten!  Anyone else feeling the struggle with me??

Ok, and then let’s talk about getting ready in the morning.  Oh my!!  I thought getting out of the house by 7:50am to get to the Y by 8am was a huge accomplishment and I was doing awesome.  My daughter now has to be at school at 7:45am, dressed, teeth brushed, and a snack and lunch for school. Um, seriously?  Oh and my son has been sleeping until 7:15am so that means in 15 minutes I have to get him up, change him, feed him breakfast and have him in his car seat ready to take Sissy to school.  I see this going off without a hitch….don’t you?

Just know that whether you are rejoicing over your kids in school and back to these crazy schedules or whether you are like me and this is a big learning curve year for you, that we are praying for you.  We are all in this together.  And know we are praying for your kids to have an amazing year!!  We hope this year they take a huge leap into becoming more of who God created them to be!  And we are praying for patience, love and compassion as you watch your child or children become more of that person too!  I am experiencing that fear and nervousness of sending my child off to conquer the world.  But I’m thankful that she knows who God is and that He loves her more than I do.  And trust me, that’s a lot!!  But, it means I don’t have to worry about having the “perfect” lunch, or even having it always together (cue me wearing my yoga pants).  God has this year for not only our family but for yours!

Feel free to comment below on how we can pray for you as we all begin Back to School!!  We love hearing from you and praying for you as well!

Have an awesome week!


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