Next Stop on the Trail…

Sigh, yet another day has passed. What is it now, the fifth day? Sixth maybe? What is today?  After a quick glance at your cell phone you realize that it has now been eight days.  That’s eight days too long with no resolution in sight.  You’ve asked every day except the past two days.  To you this is no longer a minor annoyance, but a reflection on the way your spouse sees you.  At this point, how can you not take it personal?

As we look this week at Acts of Service, I (Shannon) would say that this is one of my top love languages.  I certainly appreciate hearing someone say the words “I love you” but I experience their love when they show me.  This is how my love tank overflows!

Those iRAKn your kingdom who are Acts of Service minded will want you to do things to show your commitment.  Of course, they don’t have to be big things.  It could be something as simple as taking out the trash or bringing a load of laundry upstairs without being asked.  Doing something that is known to benefit the other is the point.  This is showing your love.

Keep in mind that the service you offer should be in a category that will be understood by the other person.  Working to complete a project that is not mutually important will not be interpreted as loving.  Instead, it takes a listening ear and discernment to know which tasks are most significant.  These instances of self-sacrifice are indicators of a maturing relationship.

As a reminder, you express your top love language to others.  Washing someone’s car or cleaning the house may be a way you show your affection but if that person does not primarily speak Acts of Service, you may end up frustrated when the level of appreciation does not meet your expectations.  Learning the main love languages of those that are closest to you is key in relating well with them and essential with your spouse for growing in intimacy.

What has someone done for you recently where you knew they were showing affection or appreciation?  What is one thing you can do this week to show someone in your kingdom that speaks Acts of Service some love?  We would love to have you share in the comments below!!

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