Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

It is that time of year where we are rushing to the stores, wrapping presents late at night and still trying to make time for the Christmas movies we can’t wait for another year to watch!  Welcome to Christmas week!!   But during this time, it is easy to put on the back burner the real reason we are doing all of this which is the birth of Jesus.

In the Gospels we read a great amount of detail involving Mary, Joseph, and the birth of our Savior.  There are so many different pieces to this story it is easy to overlook a few details that are important to get the big picture of what a remarkable event it truly was to have “God with us”.  And this is where the name “Emmanuel” comes from.  Total side note, but I (Shannon) love this song by Amy Grant!

There is a verse that talks about the birth of Christ that is not often quoted during Christmas time.  In Galatians 4 it says when the proper time came God sent His Son to commune with us in relationship of Father and child rather than rules, rituals and regulations.  It is incredible that this passage of Scripture closes out by saying our hearts now cry out to God by calling him “Daddy” or “Papa”.

These names are like pet names that are reserved for intimate relationships, sort of like when you call your spouse “honey” or “dear”.  I, Jake here, call mine “Foxy”.  As parents, we love hearing our kids call us “mama” and “dada”.  We know only those two people in the world get that kind of closeness with us.

Our heart longs for a relationship with God that occurs from simple intimacy and an easy relationship where we are led by the Holy Spirit.  We pray you remember that Jesus was born to eliminate the awkward distance we felt with God and to help us feel safe in relationship with Him.

Our family wishes yours a very, Merry Christmas!
~Jake and Shannon

One comment to Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

  • Jan Olson  says:

    I (Jake’s Mother) still love to hear my son say “Mom”
    I love to hear Jake’s children say ‘Grandma’
    Merry Christmas

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