Marriage is like a Painting

Lately we have been closing our evenings by winding down with “The Joy of Painting” with the late Bob Ross.  His artistic abilities are noted as complex enough to be interesting, yet simple enough to duplicate.  But through life experience, painting a picture is easy until the paintbrush is in your hand.  There is a blank easel before us all asking us to create something unique and beautiful.  Marriage is like a painting.  Or in our case, a blank page meant for us to write!

We oftentimes enter marriage riding the coat tails of emotional love.  This is the stage where we get the saying “love is blind.”  Rightfully so!  We usually put our best foot forward while dating, and somehow simultaneously choose to ignore the other person’s faults.  Perhaps we believe this innocent state will continue indefinitely.  Either way, we have all watched fairy tales!  Once the smoke clears, and reality sets in, we see things as they truly are.  The difficulties in our marriages are no longer easily resolved.

We hear stories about people who have gone before us in marriage and made it the distance.  Think of marriage as an endurance race – a marathon.  Endurance races are something that must be trained for.  It takes dedication, focus and sacrifice.  There are couples we know that have celebrated 30, 40 and 50 years of marriage.   Jake’s great-grandparents were married for 72 years!  These couples have such history together!  Even the best marriages have periods of tension and pain.

I take phone calls from dozens of people every day.  When someone mentions a lengthy marriage, he frequently asks what their secret is to their success.  It should come as no surprise they usually mention one variation or another of the following list:

*Mutual service of the other
*Forgiveness and a short memory
*Common interests

Conversations like this nearly always end with the obvious, but obviously statement: “Always put Jesus at the center of your relationship.”

Put Jesus At The Center

Shannon’s godparents were married for over 60 years, but were together for over 70 years.  They had a tremendous marriage that is a testimony to God’s vision for their life.  They are both in the presence of Jesus now and continue to be a source of inspiration for our marriage.  Their example of love and dedication is a marriage goal of ours.

Every relationship has its own dynamics, complete with ups and downs.  In the end, we must always remember the goal isn’t perfection, but continual improvement.  Self-sacrifice and dependence on Jesus will bring about the tortoise winning the race before the hare.

This is a lot to digest so please feel free to comment below for more prayer from us or message us on our Contact Form for something more private.

Prayers for each of you this week.

2 comments to Marriage is like a Painting

  • Christopher S Clyatt  says:

    YOU guys are a great example of what a successful marriage is. I’m always looking for more “nuggets of marriage wisdom” from the Foxes! Be blessed!

  • Kingdom Trailhead  says:

    Awww, thanks Clyatt!! We are fortunate to have friends like you which also set an amazing example of a Godly marriage. It takes a tribe!!

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