Kingdom Voting

VoteUnless you have been living under a rock, you are aware that Tuesday the nation will be electing a new president.  This post is not intended to discuss who to vote for but rather to remind you that the candidates are seeking to further the power of their own political party as well as their own. They are seeking to build their own kingdom, not God’s.

One disturbing reality from this election cycle is the way people have treated each other so harshly when their opinions differ.  Our commonalities are closer aligned than the media and politicians would have us believe, and they are much more important than where we differ.

Much of the campaign ads appeal almost exclusively to heighten your fears of what the opposition will do to harm or destroy what is being portrayed as the American ideal.  It is essential to remember that we are not to live in fear!  John the Apostle said that love casts out fear.

Living the Kingdom life on a journey to whole-heartedness allows us to engage our culture in a way that shows love and compassion to those that believe differently than us. This applies to all people from Hilary Clinton to Donald Trump to Jen Hatmaker as well.

We are often reminded in Scripture to keep our eyes focused the King of Kings (dare I say President of Presidents?) because it reorients from WHAT is important to WHO is most important.

None of this is to say that we should not exercise our governmental privilege to cast our vote for the candidate we believe in (or the one that we feel would keep the one we absolutely don’t want in office from taking the oath!). Regardless of who you are voting for, get out there and vote!  You are blessed to live in a country that allows it!


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