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It has been a crazy few days in the Fox household.  We ended up in the Emergency Room for seven hours with our two year old son after church on Sunday.  After sedating him to put in 14 stitches, we were able to take him home.

I could write this post on all the fear I felt seeing my kid’s face covered in blood.  Or I could write on how we were in the Emergency Room for several hours trying to keep an active child completely still since he had an IV in his arm for a procedure that took 18 total minutes.  But all of that seems minimal to the feeling of community we felt.  That my friends is Kingdom!!!

We moved to Colorado 4.5 years ago right before our daughter was born.  We knew no one.  We joined a church and a small group there that allowed us to meet some people.  The problem was the church and our group were about 30 minutes away so it was hard to get together outside the regular service time.  About three years ago, we had a similar situation happen with our daughter when she fell and ended up in the E.R. at 10 months old.  At that time, we only had 2 families in town we could count on.

Since then, we have been attending a church that is right outside our neighborhood.  I attend a weekly bible study there as well as participate in other events which have allowed us to build relationship with so many families there.  We live in a smaller community and I am able to invest in these moms, kids, and their families on a regular basis it has allowed us to bond in a way we couldn’t before at the previous church.  We can be at Walmart and run into several friends.  Even at school, we see so many of the same people we saw at church on Sunday.  It is definitely a community!!

As I reflect on what happened this past Sunday I realize how important our community is to us.  As I’m holding my son with blood pouring from his head, another mom grabs me and directs me out of the sanctuary and into the kitchen so that I’m out of the way.  We had people surrounding us helping to stop the bleeding but also praying for us and for him.  I had a friend grab our daughter so she didn’t see her brother (or let’s face it me too!) in that condition.

Once we realized he would need stitches, we had people again step up in ways that I’m still amazed about now.  We had a friends that were able to take our daughter home with them.  They knew her allergies already so I didn’t have to worry about that and I knew our little princess would have such a great time hanging with her friends.  We had people follow us to the Urgent Care which quickly became the Emergency Room.  People offered to bring us food while we were waiting.  And we had dinner waiting on us when we finally returned home.

All of these things made such a huge impact on me.  While we were sitting in the E.R. I realized how fortunate we are to live in community with others.  I was scared and worried about putting our son under sedation for his stitches.  I quickly sent off a text to some friends and immediately felt them showering us in prayers and peace came over Jake and me.  All day long we were reminded of God’s presence with us as we had our friends praying with us and showing His love.  And when we picked our daughter up after 8 hours with friends, she could only say it was one of her best days!  To my mama heart, this made me so happy (and cry!).  She had no clue what we had been going through all day because she had just been showered in love and enjoyed playing with friends!

So my advice is to look around you.  Are you surrounded by people that are praying for you and let you know it?  Do you feel you have a community that will support you in a time of need?  If not, think about some steps you can take to make that happen.  Are you attending church or a bible study regularly?  Do you have close friends that you can call or text no matter what?  I know we are all in different seasons and places in our lives.  I believe that if we want community we have to put ourselves out there because it won’t happen without a little bit of effort on each of our parts.

I am glad each of you are a part of our Kingdom Trailhead community.  We appreciate you coming on this journey with us.  As always, if you need prayer please let us know.


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