Is this for me?

As my husband Jake walks in the door he says, “Close your eyes and hold out your hand.”

“I don’t trust you” is my response as I smirk and close my eyes.

On his way home from work, he made a quick stop to pick up a fun surprise and is trying to make this unveiling a fun time. His motives of humor are fun, but feeling comfortable giftswith this is difficult for me. He had come home from work with my favorite candy.  It is a complete surprise, and I don’t turn down candy…especially chocolate!!

Our final stop in this series is Gifts.  Like the other languages, the gift doesn’t have to be extravagant.  The point is to give something that makes that person feel loved.  It’s important for you to remember that this is a key way that they express their affection and appreciation of your presence in their life.  To them, this is a physical manifestation of their love for you.

We all like to receive gifts but that does not make it our primary love language.  Remember, each person speaks all five love languages but usually one or two are the most prominent.  Look at your kingdom of influence.  A Gift person typically will express this by purchasing items for his or her friends.  It could be a pack of gum, a candy bar or even a special flavor of lemonade.  Is there someone that this reminds you of?

Sometimes a person who speaks the love language of Gifts can feel guilty.  I have that friend told me she didn’t like that this was her primary love language because she thought it would make people judge her.  She didn’t ever expect anything huge and actually appreciated the small gifts as much as the larger ones.  I found her favorite drink in a store and bought it for her one day on my way to her house and she seriously thought it was Christmas!  God created us unique and each love language could come across to the untrained eye as needy or self-focused.  We all have a desire for gifts, but some have a strong need for them to feel love.  A person with this love language is not asking for anything excessive, but more of a token to show you are thinking of him or her when you are doing your normal day-to-day affairs.

This week’s challenge is to identify at least one person in your kingdom who you believe speaks the love language of Gifts.  Then find a small way to acknowledge that and report back to us!

Hang on….we are almost done.  The next stop is the end of this trail!

One comment to Is this for me?

  • Janice Olson  says:

    I think gifts are always appreciated. Especially surprise ones for “no reason”. Yesterday Dennis brought me flowers. Every time I see them I appreciate the thought, and the beauty of God’s gifts to us. I am still new in this Love Languages recognition so I need time to think of my friends and their language

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