In Memorandum of Life

It was a much needed little weekend getaway that seemed completely normal at the beginning.  A quick trip up the mountain pass and in a few days life would return to normal.

But now life will never be the same.

A car was unable to maintain control in the winter weather and crossed the median.  I’m sure you know the rest of the story.

And now Ms. Jamie is with Jesus.  She was the PARA (teacher) in our daughter’s class and was the only one that could her our daughter to exit the car away from mommy or daddy and join her classmates.  We had the heart-wrenching task of processing our own emotions and also had to try to find a way to explain it to our 4 year old.

Ms. Jamie lived life abundantly.  She is the absolute essence of what we want for others which is why we started Kingdom Trailhead.  Every time you saw her, she had the biggest smile on her face.  Her life and the way she interacted with others reflected her relationship with Jesus.

The Faith of a Child

So how do you explain death to a 4 year old?

We don’t have an answer and are certain there probably isn’t a stock answer that fits every situation.  But we were able to do it in a way that she seemed to grasp the concept.  Carson, our daughter, tells us often how Jesus comes into her room and sits on her bed.  He tells her how much He loves her.  She knows beyond a shadow of doubt that He lives in her heart.  After rest time, she came into our room and we sat her down facing us.  We told her that Jesus wanted Ms. Jamie to come live with Him in Heaven.

Her response came surprisingly easy and offered the simplest way to see death from the eyes of a child.

“Ohhh!!  That means she lives in my heart too!”

Out of the mouths of babes, huh?  Yea, we get it, Jesus.  Thanks for the reminder!

She has asked more questions since that moment and we were told this is to be expected.  And we know there will be even more as the kids return to school after spring break.  We are reminded of the old spiritual “This world is not my home, I’m just passing through.  My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue.”

A Moment of Reflection

It is a beautiful thing to visit her Facebook page and see all of the wonderful memories her friends and loved ones have posted.  The themes are all similar – loving, caring, and smiling.  It is a natural time to contemplate what people were to say about us during a similar time.

It is essential to remember that we all live inside our own minds and know our inner thoughts.  They can certainly get out of control at times.  If we allow those thoughts to go unchecked we will begin to think the worst of ourselves and justify our false view of ourself.  Other people aren’t privy to this process and think we have our act completely together.  This is why we must see our own lives through the eyes of others.  People are pouring out love and adoration for Ms. Jamie (and justifiably so!) because they were able to see her strengths and the glory of her life.  If you were to ask several of your close friends about how they viewed you they would almost certainly point out many more of your good traits than bad ones.

As we reflect on a wonderful life that was tragically lost far too soon please join with our family, our school, and our community as we celebrate the life of a godly woman.  Rest in Peace Ms. Jamie.  You are missed and as our daughter rightly pointed out, you will always live in our heart.

Be blessed and keep us in your prayers this week,
Carson’s parents

PS: If you’d like to hear a wonderful song to usher you into where Ms. Jamie is now, please watch this live video of Jars of Clay


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