Healing Prayer

Heavenly Father,

We need You.

We need You because our nation has been so polarized by a recent election for office.  We saw our country so divided and segmented which runs contrary to Your ideal of complete unity.  We saw so much anger and fear that our hearts are left wounded and we feel the isolation from those that voted differently that we did.

We need you because the fear and anger that we experienced during the election has bled into many other areas in our lives and we haamerican_flagve shown our negative experience in how we relate to our neighbor.  We have taken that hyper-emotional state and used it to say and do things that we know are harmful to our fellow Americans.

We need You because our spirit has taken a major hit and we feel emotionally drained and wounded, like an animal that has been abused and now feels it must isolate from any that could cause further harm.

We need You because we allowed it to take a toll on our soul and we have become weary and we lashed out, saying things that caused hurt to others.  We felt our opinion was superior to our fellow Americans and felt contempt for them.

We need You because our bodies have felt the stress from our stressful emotions and we now have misused our physical bodies, which are Your temple.

We need You to come and renew our spirit as we come to You and lay down our burdens and take Your yoke upon us and exchange weary and burdened spirit with Your Holy Spirit to receive rest and peace.

We need You to refresh our souls by the still waters and lead us into green pastures so we can rest and find comfort.

We need You to be our bread of life and nourish our bodies and heal the broken hearts within as only You can do.  Our healing must come from You and touch the physical part of us that is in greatest need.

We need You not just for what You can do to heal our spirit, soul and body, but we need You for who You are.  You are beautiful and love us with a passion to see us live an abundant life.  We accept You and we love you.  Thank You for You.


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