Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my FAVORITE day of the year….my birthday!!!  I know I am a year older which can scare some people.  But, to me it is another year I am able to spend with my family and loved ones.  If you remember, Jake does not like to celebrate birthdays at all.  (Click HERE if you need a refresher).

Growing up it was one of the few days I was able to have most of the attention. I am the oldest of five children, so most days it was all about compromising.  But, on your birthday you did not have to…or at least not as much.  We picked the restaurant we wanted to eat at that night for dinner and had breakfast on our special red plate.

Therefore, I think my love of birthdays came from the feeling of being special.  As a child, I didn’t have extravagant parties but I love to throw themed ones now. I want the party to reflect what the person enjoys so you see a bit of their personality.  It is a way to show the world an inside glimpse of them that most do not know.

I know I feel so special when my family and friends take time to celebrate me by going out to dinner.  Or, they treat me to something I would not do for myself.  Just this week, a dear friend of mine came to my house to watch the kids so I could have a pedicure.  It was amazing.  I sat in a massage chair for an hour and was pampered.  There were no toddlers clinging to my hips or screaming at every little desire unfilled.  This was a total blessing for me as it is not something I would do for myself.

So today my challenge is for each of you reading this to go out and show a friend, or better yet a stranger, a random act of kindness.  Make someone feel special without expecting anything in return.  That’s my birthday wish!

Have a great week!

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