Halftime Check-In

Wow, can you believe today marks the beginning of the second portion of the year?  It’s halftime so it’s a great time to check in on where you stand with your yearly goals and if needed come up with a plan to finish the year strong.

Our theme this year is Simplicity as you know.  Jake and I have simplified our schedules, our closets and our lives in general.  We still have a long way to go with getting rid of material possessions.  There are still a lot of closets and cabinets left to go through and don’t even get me started on the toys!!

But I think the past 6 months I’ve learned a lot.  I learned that I used busyness as an excuse not to work on me.  I believe I let my pride of wanting to feel important get in the way of looking at why I needed to feel that way.  By simplifying my life I have been able to learn more about myself.

Busyness is the opposite of heart.

And our heart is SO important.  Our heart makes us who we are.

What I also learned by simplifying my life is that I have fewer decisions to make and therefore have the time to give to the big decisions life throws at us.  You know the ones that are the true priorities –  marriage, parenting, friendship, self-care.

I am also more intentional about what comes into our house.  Because, like I’ve said before, every item you have takes a portion of your time.  So now i think about each item as to where it is worth my time to care of it.

Being intentional also encompasses time with my family as I wrote about in a blog post a few weeks ago.  You can click HERE if you missed it.  But I want my kids to have amazing memories of time with me and time with the family.  I don’t want their memories to be of me cleaning and being too busy to play with them.

I realize how my attitude affects so many aspects of my life but also those around me.  I set the tone.  So I chose to be calm and present.  And I achieve this by simplifying my activities and intentionally saying “yes” to only the events that will bring me happiness.

Have you done a halftime check-in on your goals?  We would love to hear about them!

I’m looking forward to the next half of the year with each of you!

3 comments to Halftime Check-In

  • Janice Olson  says:

    I am sorry to say that last year I declared our intention to be less busy. Unfortunately we have not stuck to that decision. We are already booked into next year. We have bought tickets that will take us away from our home base in October, November and December. They are all our choices. We haven’t been home since the middle of Febuary. How do we quit doing this?
    Do we

    • Jake Fox  says:

      The first step to commitment is to evaluate which are your highest priorities. In order to say “yes” to something you really want, you must say “no” to something you kind of want.

  • Zumba for God - Kingdom Trailhead  says:

    […] Halftime Check-In […]

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