Our First Survey Results

We want to thank each of you who participated in our first ever survey the past few weeks.  We want to make sure we are presenting topics and information that you, our readers, want to read.  And soon, we may even update to have a few v-blogs (video blogs) too!

So there are lots of fun new things ahead for us at Kingdom Trailhead.  We are thankful that you are enjoying this ride with us!

So here are the survey results in a nutshell:

Overwhelmingly everyone seems to feel we are giving you content you desire.  To see that warms our hearts.  We know we have so much to give and are thankful that God has allowed this avenue for us to share it.  We are about rediscovering your true heart because we know that God is doing that in us and how powerful that truly is.  In this day and age so many people want results fast and easy.  We wish that was the case for rediscovering your heart, but it is not.  It is a process.  And you can’t find a shortcut by helping your children if you haven’t helped yourself.  It is like the airplane oxygen masks example.  You have to make sure you are safe before you help those around you.

It is also wonderful that you want to share our content with others.  We right what we feel God has for us so we are just His messenger.  But to share with others is so encouraging for us.

Now for the real topics!

It is obvious that our readers are no different that us.  The biggest struggles that were named on the survey were communication and prayer.  And the one thing we can help with is how to focus on God and truly trust Him.  Y’all, these are our same struggles.  We had all different demographics answer this question so we find that to be telling.  Whether your kids are out of the house, newborns or somewhere in between communication, prayer and trust in God are our common threads.

We will address these issues in the weeks and months ahead.  But let us encourage you by saying we appreciate you and plan on not only continuing our quest to offer our hearts to you, but also to offer it in new and refreshing ways.

So please pray for us and know that we are praying for you as well.  And most importantly, keep the frontier with God ever before you.

Have a great week friends!
~Shannon and Jake

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