Declutter Your Home Life

Last week, we mentioned how tired we are from clutter, cleaning, meal planning, and just parenting.  If you missed our post, you can check it out HERE.

Like spring cleaning, January seems to be a time to declutter.  We are hoping to keep that momentum throughout the year.  We want to give you some tips over the next few weeks so you can join us on the simplifying bandwagon.  Today, we would like to discuss decluttering your home to make more time for your loved ones.

Why talk about declutter on a blog about rediscovering your true heart?  Great question!!  The answer is if your house is a mess, then you spend your time searching for things you have misplaced, cleaning instead of family time and just feeling chaotic.  When this is your state of being, you cannot offer your true heart to others.  Physical clutter in our home makes for chaos in our all areas of life.  Your relationships suffer.  And to have true abundant life, we must have strong connection with others and with God.

Please do not hear us say that you must become a minimalist.  We believe simplifying your home life allows you to free up time and therefore the ability to spend it with the ones who are most important to you.  And how different would those relationships look with more attention poured into them?  How would you like to have uninterrupted time with God every day?

As humans we crave connection but often times our life does not seem conducive to that due to our busy schedules.  Unfortunately, we have a hectic life full of activities that do not bring us joy.  Clearing our home of unwanted material items would open up time to do what we love to do.  Instead of spending Saturday morning cleaning the house, you could be out enjoying a family bike ride.

What is one area you can declutter this week to bring some peace to your day-to-day life?  I think for us it would be our mudroom.  We walk into this room every time we come into our house.  When I (Shannon) see the shoes all over the floor, the clean laundry piled in a basket needing to be folded and put away, and trash that hasn’t made it to the garage as soon as I walk in, I feel immediately overwhelmed.  I believe if we can get this one area looking organized then I will enter our home much calmer and continue to stay that way.

Jake saw a sign the other day that read “You are responsible for the energy you bring in here.”  That can relate to all of this because when you walk into your home you can bring positive or negative energy and that is based on the mess you see or don’t see.

There is a small sitting area in our bedroom we use to decompress at night, but lately it has been causing more stress than relaxation.  Over the weekend, we cleaned and simplified that area so at the end of the night we feel more peaceful.  Without the clutter, we are calmer which allows us to sleep better.  And that rest helps us operate better during the daytime.

Let us know what area you could spend an hour this week clearing unwanted items.  We love hearing from you!

Have a wonderful week!
~Shannon and Jake

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