De-stress Your Schedule

Thank you for sticking with us to see how decluttering can actually help you rediscover your true heart.

This week we want to discuss all of the activities!!  Part of reducing stress is decluttering our homes – and our schedule.  Our calendars are either totally booked and can’t say yes to a spontaneous invite or so undefined that we can’t say no to a request that probably isn’t best for us.  Our day-to-day life  should be planned enough that we are accomplishing our goals, yet open enough that if something unplanned arises we can adjust for it.  We have to decide if the request fits into our values and whether to change our schedule for it.

“Part of reducing stress is decluttering our homes – and our schedule.”

As parents, spouses, friends, etc. we tend to want to be busy.  We see the worldly view of what a good life looks like with kids in dance, soccer and gymnastics.  Family dinner becomes a rarity, yet screaming at kids to do their homework and shower because it is past bedtime becomes normal.  That’s not the life God wants for us.

Abundant life doesn’t come from busyness.  Your kids may enjoy these activities, and some may even be Christ-centered, but that doesn’t mean you should be a part of each one.  Again, it depends on your priorities.

We aren’t here to judge if you are someone who has your kids in five different activities.  We are more concerned with how your heart feels.  Running all over town to get one kid and then drop the other one over there, does that really make you happy?  Are you being true to who God called you to be?  Only you can answer that.

There are parts of our kingdom that we have some influence, especially in our home.  We have the ability to create an atmosphere that is conducive to peace and simplicity.  Some believe that a full schedule is good, but our hearts desire intimacy and relationship.  And this includes self-care.  If we don’t schedule time for ourselves to recharge then we are not living to our fullest potential.  As important as the relationships within your kingdom are, it is imperative you do things that help your heart recharge.  In order to make time for family, yourself, friends, work, social engagements, we must be intentional to plan time for each.  And when we can simplify our home life (i.e. clutter) we will have more time to do the things are heart truly wants to do!

Have a great week!
~Shannon & Jake


P.S. Due to us simplifying our calendars we were able to make a trip to Estes Park, Colorado this past weekend.  We had a great time and totally recharged!


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  • Janice Olson  says:

    Anything that gets you a weekend in RMNP is good!

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