Concluding the Love Languages

Well, this has been a highly emotional week in the Fox house.  We have been forced into some major changes and I think we are still in a state of shock.  It has been a great test for us to really use the love languages to ensure our family members have felt love in the midst of the chaos.  For example, I have watched my words to ensure they are encouraging and loving towards my husband and Jake has really tried to show with his actions how much he l5lovelangoves me!  And despite all the highs and lows from this week, we have continued to use all five of the love languages on our kids and I’m not sure they have noticed anything different!

To review the love languages are Quality Time, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch and Gifts.  Over the last few weeks as we have discussed them, did you determine which one (or two) you speak?  What about your family and friends?  How has this affected your relationships in your kingdom? How will this change how you interact with them?

We hope you have enjoyed this series.  We appreciate you taking the time over the last few weeks to join us on this trail!!

One comment to Concluding the Love Languages

  • Janice Olson  says:

    I have enjoyed reading your thoughts and comments. It is interesting to think about our friends and try to determine their love languages. Some are easy, some I haven’t a clue. I love that Dennis and I share the same languages, physical touch and quality time.

    So sorry for the stress and upheaval you and Jake are dealing with. But so good it is bringing you together even closer. Love you both very much!

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