Community Creates Safety in Numbers

Last week we mentioned how our enemy is like a roaring lion that is trying to destroy us.    We discussed how community or your tribe is important.  If you missed it, you can check it out HERE.

This week we will continue this discussion by introducing a way to avoid being an easy target.

We mentioned last week how a lion hunts.  Once it spots a group of animals which are potential prey, it takes great caution to size up the herd.  He looks not only for an opportunity to attack, but also a specific route.  In order to succeed, he counts on resistance by the herd scattering.  The lion is aware his prey are seeking to create panic where every animal is frantically running, literally, for their lives.

The lion is successful when he has picked off the most vulnerable, and oftentimes, the weakest member.  More often than not, it is the one who is separated from the the rest of the group.  Once an animal runs in a different direction than the herd, the lion is assured of his next kill and will pursue it until it is exhausted.

Wow, this describes our own spiritual journey.  The enemy, like the lion, desires to separate us from safety (our tribe).  We run and run until exhausted and we become easily picked off.

Community creates safety in numbers.  When in a group of people that are trusted,  we experience true community.  We are free to be ourselves instead of putting our best foot forward all the time.  Therefore, we can safely be vulnerable and share our heart.  Community is where we grow together by growing closer to God.  It is when we can bring our weakness and the group offers their strength.

The people in your community can offer encouragement and bring out the best in you.  They can point you towards your God-given glory.  This type of community will help strengthen your heart and resolve.  Then you will be less vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy.

We sincerely hope you are seeking out this type of tribe.  If we can help, please let us know.  We are here to assist you on your journey!  And that includes praying for you as well.

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