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Abundance Upon Dependence

Oftentimes we focus so much on what we give up for lent.  What we tend to miss is what are missing out on by what we give up.  Focusing on giving up meat, sugar, alcohol, etc. causes us to concentrate on the negative instead of the positive.  The positive unveiled in the process is the realization that we are dependent.  It is this abundance upon dependence that reveals our desires truly are for God.
The most important thing we can ever give to God is our own agenda.   That part of us that strives to make this life work on our own terms. There are multiple terms that can be used:
The most accurate term is godlessness.
When we cling to the tyranny of our own agenda, we rarely find the abundant life we set out to achieve...
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With Unity

We would not be true to who we are if we did not take a moment to acknowledge our community and the pain and sadness we are going through.  Just over a week ago, our region mourned the loss of El Paso County, CO Deputy Micah Flick.  Revealing the heart of a hero, he intervened to save a life and lost his in the process.  We grieve for his wife, children and the rest of those who knew and loved him.  Tragedy reveals compassion in community.  The word itself is made up of two parts that mean “with unity.”  After seeing the response to loss, we say yes, with unity indeed.

Our city and our state have been in a state of sadness.  But we also witnessed God in the midst of this tragedy.

Several close friends of ours have been personally affected in the aftermath...

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Outer Ring of Intimate Friends

We have talked about messy community and what happens when you have to disband a group. But let’s take a moment to discuss another tribe.  This is what I like to refer to as my outer ring of intimate friends.

Yesterday was six years since I found out I was pregnant with our rainbow baby.  I remember being so excited I walked (ok I ran!) and started screaming while Jake was in the shower.  Note to everyone: Do not tell your spouse you’re pregnant while he is in the shower. He will drop the shampoo bottle on his foot and bruise it. You’re welcome for this sagely advice! 🙂

Back to my story…I tell Jake I am pregnant again.  We had a group of friends that had been praying with us since we had our miscarriage.  We told them through happy tears...

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We Are Created for Community

We hope you are enjoying our community posts!  Last week we talked about community being messy.  Today, we discuss a phrase that is often said at our house.  “We are created for community.”
Your tribe, or community, is designed to help all involved find a place of thriving within life.  The goal is to bring each individual, couple and family back to God through our ups and downs.  These people are your biggest prayer warriors.  During times of strife, they remind you of God’s faithfulness.  In good times, this group is next to you showing gratitude.  Your tribe sees you in the good, bad and ugly of life and do not judge rather bring life to you.
But, what do we do when community crashes?  Or if we feel isolated without this type of group?
First, an important point to rememb...
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Community is Messy

What began as a typical day in our life together ended up in frustration.  Each person in our shared community had intentions to help, but the situation took a turn for the worse.  Retrospect provides a textbook example of a simple misunderstanding.  One person makes a passing comment that is misinterpreted by others and creates an awkward situation.  Some in the group align themselves in one camp and others choose to ignore the comment or dismiss the person.  This is further proof that community is messy.

Does it have to be this way?  Do we really have to put up with the hassles of relationship?  Must we yet again agree to disagree instead of finding some common ground?  The answer, of course, is yes!

Community is messy!

This is nothing new to anyone...

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