Community Creates Safety in Numbers

Last week we mentioned how our enemy is like a roaring lion that is trying to destroy us.    We discussed how community or your tribe is important.  If you missed it, you can check it out HERE.

This week we will continue this discussion by introducing a way to avoid being an easy target.

We mentioned last week how a lion hunts.  Once it spots a group of animals which are potential prey, it takes great caution to size up the herd.  He looks not only for an opportunity to attack, but also a specific route.  In order to succeed, he counts on resistance by the herd scattering.  The lion is aware his prey are seeking to create panic where every animal is frantically running, literally, for their lives.

The lion is successful when he has picked off the most vulnerable, and oftentimes, th...

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Like a Roaring Lion

Watching a lion on a hunt is fascinating to me.  It is a majestic animal.  They are called “king of the jungle” for a reason.  Lions spend their days with little to fear as they snooze in the shade.  And, they raise their young to model their behavior and to develop and enhance their instincts.

The Bible says that other people are not our enemy, rather they are the evil angels in the unseen spiritual realm.  It also states that our enemy is like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.  When we look at the horrible events that took place in Las Vegas recently, we see pure evil.  How any person can perform acts like that while hiding away in safety?

It is pure evil.

There are a few extreme opposite beliefs out there in terms of spiritual evil...

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Mom Guilt

I know I am not alone when I say Mom Guilt has a tendency to run my life.  In our home, there are two small humans running around.  They are needy and expect to be fed and entertained constantly.  Did I mention we are also finishing up potty training?  I am fortunate to be a stay at home mom, but that means I rarely get a break.  Upon arriving home on certain days, Jake realizes this mom has reached her max.  He tries to get me take a few minutes to myself, but then Mom Guilt rears itself.

It is difficult for Jake to understand this.  He wants me to go to our room and relax for a few minutes so that I can conquer the rest of the evening more refreshed.  But, that is so difficult for me to do.  I know his heart is in the right place...

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Marriage is like a Painting

Lately we have been closing our evenings by winding down with “The Joy of Painting” with the late Bob Ross.  His artistic abilities are noted as complex enough to be interesting, yet simple enough to duplicate.  But through life experience, painting a picture is easy until the paintbrush is in your hand.  There is a blank easel before us all asking us to create something unique and beautiful.  Marriage is like a painting.  Or in our case, a blank page meant for us to write!

We oftentimes enter marriage riding the coat tails of emotional love.  This is the stage where we get the saying “love is blind.”  Rightfully so!  We usually put our best foot forward while dating, and somehow simultaneously choose to ignore the other person’s faults...

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Boldly Go Where Many Have Gone Before

Star Trek has a catch-phrase which is “To boldly go where no one has gone before”.  It is very fitting for what their mission is.  The term that came to me about my spiritual life is “Boldly Grasp”.  And then, “To boldly go where many have gone before”.


What a great reminder.  There are many people who have walked this journey before us.  We can seek their wisdom and guidance to make it through the rough stretches of life.  We should not see our life through the lens of our own eyes.  Limiting your spiritual life to your own experiences is inadequate to see you through the rough patches.

Recently, Shannon and I had very disturbing dreams that have taken a toll on our soul.  They left us in a daze even after we woke up...

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