Be Intentional This Summer

Can you believe summer has arrived?  Jake and I experienced preschool graduation last week.  Wow!  It was cute and just a lot of fun.  Our daughter sang her little heart out.  I know this week there are a lot of other graduations which symbolize the end to the school year.  Now that summer is about to begin, we want to encourage you to be intentional about the time we have before school starts back.

Our family goes camping at least 2 if not 3 of the weekends each month of summer.  For me, it is a lot of work prepping for these trips.  I have to wash clothes and sheets, shop for food, and make sure we have everything we could possibly need.  But this year I have a different mindset about all of it.  This summer I want to be intentional with my kids.

When I look back over the few weeks of summer break, I want my kids to come away with some really fun family memories.  I know that we are not only creating experiences they will remember, but also bonding with our children.  We are pouring into their hearts helping them to learn who God created them to be. intentional

Due to the fact we have begun to simplify our lives, I believe even the prep for each camping trip will become easier and less stressful.  Therefore, I won’t be running around as much before the trip but be able to concentrate on my children.  And on the way home, I won’t be thinking about my huge “To Do” list and will be able to continue relaxing well after we have arrived back home.

I want my kids to go to school in August and remember the fun times we had.  I don’t expect every day to be a memorable one.  But I do look at our calendar and see so many fun things planned.  Some are with just our family of four and others are with friends.  Other days I have scheduled as “Jammie Day” and we have no plans other than to stay home and chill.  But I hope each day of the summer I show our kids that they are a priority in my life.

Last summer I asked Mandy Arioto, the CEO of MOPS International, to come speak to our MOPS group this year and she said yes!  During her speech this April, she reminded us moms that we aren’t raising kids, rather raising adults.  So what you do now is preparing your children for adulthood.

Being intentional for our family is amazing but I also want to make sure I make it personal too.  I want to do things that I enjoy and bring me happiness.  I have already scheduled a couple of Girls Nights as well as a few concerts with Jake.  This isn’t a summer solely about my kids but being intentional to ensure I’m being fed in all areas of life.

Intentionality doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant.  It is merely just being present.  It is the freedom of not being bogged down by things that aren’t important but the ability to embrace what’s right in front of you.

I think as we have simplified our material possessions thereby our To Do list, we leave room for our kids.  I’d rather spend my time playing games, Legos or Barbies over cleaning, laundry or any other chore.  Wouldn’t you?

So let’s enjoy these precious few months we have to truly be intentional and pour into our children and ourselves.

I’d love to hear some of your ideas of how you can be intentional this summer and I’m sure our readers would as well.  So please comment below with some ideas!

Have an intentional week!


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