About Us

We are Jake and Shannon Fox and we appreciate you taking the time to visit our website.  We are embarking on this voyage and hope our story peaks your interest enough to wander around the parking lot.  Our desire is to get to know you and have you get to know us.  Here is a little insight into who we are and why we have started this journey.

Jake lived in St. Louis for 26 years before moving to Atlanta for a dozen more.  Shannon spent her childhood in Wilmington, NC before relocating to Raleigh to attend college (Avenging Angels!). She eventually moved to Atlanta, spending a decade calling it home.  At the urging of friends, we both joined e-Harmony days apart in 2009.  Thanks to cyber-Cupid, we were matched and after a week of exchanging emails, we went on our first date.

One date was all it took!

Three weeks later we had a wedding date set and were married just over a year later.  We became a family of three when our firstborn, a daughter named Carson, was born in the fall of 2012.  Our family became complete when our son Colton was born in the summer of 2014.

The Fox Den has established our roots in Monument, Colorado.  Which at 7,500 feet above sea level is exactly 7,499 feet higher than where Shannon grew up!  We are seeking to fulfill our God-given desires and chase after the fullness of life that Christ promised us all.  Just like children on Christmas day are eager to open that next gift, we are eagerly anticipating seeing what is around the next corner on the long and winding road of life that God has us on.  And let us also contemplate how much joy the parents take in watching their children open that next gift!  This simple metaphor of how God sees us reveals how beautiful His heart is!

If we could sum up ourselves in one simple phrase, it would be that we are ordinary people seeking an extraordinary life!  We have yet to meet anyone that doesn’t have a story like ours.  There are amazing days, and days where we feel crushed against the rocks.  Also, there are times in our marriage that are easy and full of life and love, and others where we may go days and weeks with no strong emotional connection.  We are people just like you.

Thanks for joining us on this adventure we are calling Kingdom Trailhead.  So, join for a trail and we all learn a little bit more about each other and about God’s great plan for us.

How did the name Kingdom Trailhead come to be?

In his book Divine Conspiracy, Dallas Willard, who served as the Director of Philosophy of University of Southern California, said every person has a kingdom.  He defines this as any area over which a person has influence.

For example, the kingdom of our four year old is limited to decisions about her room, clothes she wears, and if she wants chicken or ham for dinner.  When we reach adulthood, we decide what school to attend, the career we want to pursue, and who we date or marry.  Part of our job as parents, since our children are part of our kingdom, is to teach them responsibility and help them mature into adults who make wise decisions and grow their own circle of influence (their kingdom).  Another essential role in parenting is to help our children grow into the people that God has created them to be. He entrusts their hearts to us to help strengthen His kingdom. How we do this truly impacts every aspect of their lives from their emotional well-being to their social life and especially their spiritual development.

That is what we mean by Kingdom. So what about Trailhead?

We live in Colorado where there are thousands of miles of hiking trails.  Each trail has a starting point and if you’ve never hiked it before you don’t know how many different routes or side trails you will encounter. You must make a decision once you get to each fork in the path as to which way you will continue. This voyage is a journey into the unknown and each different hike is a different named trailhead.

Like you, we have experienced highs and lows. Periods of passion and times where life was pure survival mode. There is so much more to life than a pattern of mundane or menial.  We want to walk through life in His freedom and live with a focus in this key area.  Thereby, passionately living out our unique calling as we commune with God and want the exact same thing for you.

We want to grow our understanding on how to confer with God so we can discern how to hear His voice.  Therefore, we challenge you to walk this journey with us. Please help us seek God, and we will help you do the same.  We are Jake and Shannon Fox, and we welcome you to join us on this wild adventure. Now let’s get on our hiking boots on and meet at the trailhead!