A Season of Giving from Gratitude

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and were able to spend it with loved ones – whether family or friends.  I can’t believe that tomorrow will be December.  As we move into the time of giving, I want us to also remain in thankfulness and gratitude.

Our yearly theme last year was Gratitude.  I love seeing my Facebook memories in the morning which show what I was grateful for that specific day one year prior.  As I look back, I realize that only a few of those were material possessions.  I am thankful for my house, my car, my bed and some of my first world luxuries.  But, most of the gratitude lies within experiences and watching my family be happy.

As we move into the Christmas season, I want to hold on to that thought.  My kids are not going to remember the presents we give them (or Santa for those that do that).  What they are going to remember are the activities we do and the feelings they remember surrounding Christmas.  We want to instill in them a sense of gratitude for what they have and not what is the new fad.

I want to instill in their hearts a genuine desire to give.

We have a lot of material possessions.  I believe we have too much!  I think this is where we have been using our “Simplify” theme this year.  We have used all of this as an as way to show the kids how to give to others.  For example, we were passing along a big toy the kids no longer play since they are too big for it.  But, of course as soon as they saw this toy they had to play with it.  Isn’t that so typical??  I sat them down and explained by giving to this other child they would be making his heart happy.  They are giving him something he wants to play with every day for something they forgot they even had!

We also include our children in the charities we choose to support.  For example, we gave them a catalog the other day with the option to pick out four items to give.  They looked over the items at least three times before coming up with their choices.  And with each item, they had a reason for picking that specific item.  This is something any age can help with.

What you are doing to include your children in giving this season?  We love to hear what your family does!  Our kids are too little to help with most organizations so we have to be creative.  Please share in the comments below.

Have a wonderful week!  We are praying for you as we move into this busy season.  Let’s remember Jesus is why we give.  Do not make yourself so busy that you can not make time for Him each day.


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