Welcome to Kingdom Trailhead!

Thank you, friend, for visiting Kingdom Trailhead!  First of all, our desire is to remind us we have the same ultimate yearning in our hearts.  Everyone wants to find abundance in our work, home, social, and spiritual life.  Part of what prevents us from experiencing peace and joy is when life comes at us fast and furious.  All of us have experienced pain and disappointments in our relationships with each other.  And, unfortunately, with God.  Therefore, we want to help you find healing from the past, offer hope for the future and express gratitude today.

Kingdom Trailhead focuses on story, journey, and life.

We believe to experience true abundant life, we must look at our backstory to see where our calling (and wounding) has taken us.   It is important to see the journey that we are on, and where God wants to take each of us.  Hence, as we reflect and see where desire has been a common thread we know whether to continue our current path or alter course a bit.

We are here to be your trail guides into Kingdom living.  There is a specific plan for your life and it takes the eyes of others to help us all see clearly our own journey.  Kingdom Trailhead is not comprised of people who have everything right, but those that are seeking to become more the ones God created us to be and pass along our insights to you.

Finally, it must be made clear that we will not judge you or your story.  We won’t try to fix your problems or tell you what you should believe or how to live.  Because we are on a life-journey, we understand and respect exactly where you are.  We desire to help give you tools that will enable you to rediscover your true heart and relate to God and your relationships from that point of strength.

Also, please check out our blog posts and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

We are excited to walk with you and God through this journey.  Now let’s hit the trailhead and see where it takes us!
~Shannon and Jake